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Root Checker APK Download

Root Checker APK can verify superuser access after download and install. It is a simple application which allows you to check if your device is rooted or not. It is as simple as pressing one button to discover the result. You can consider this must have APK for rooted android device.

Its provide you detailed information regarding SU executables. Sometimes due to minor errors, rooting won’t be prosperous. Due to this users may miss many intriguing rights which may get for rooted device. To get around these errors it is possible to get root checker apk in your device.

Besides checking to root, this program also corrects any technical problem associated with rooting with10 plus million Android users with this program to check their device rooting correctly.

Though its usage is very particular, it’s, undoubtedly, very helpful. It is especially interesting for this instant following rooting your device by that you aren’t a hundred percent sure if you have done it correctly. In just a few seconds, Root Checker will inform you.

Rooting an Android provide lots of joys to experienced users since there are loads of apps out there which take advantage of superuser permissions to unlock attributes refused to’ standard’ Android users.

Root Checker APK Features

  • This app provides you a detailed summary of your root devices (either android successfully rooted or not)
  • It works with one tap and very fast to execute
  • The lightweight app means not take enough space and load on memory and storage
  • Very sleek design and speed
  • Gives an accurate assessment and results
  • Its only solution to provide the summary about rooting, No issue you rooted your device with any APP
  • The latest version provides you well performances with fixed bugs

How to install Root Checker APK

  1. Click the download button above and install the app for your use
  2. Go to Setting—> Find the security and privacy option —> Scroll down and tap —> Install from “Unknown Source”
  3. Click install Root Checker APK from your download folder
  4. It will take less than a minute to complete the installation.
  5. After installation is done click “Verify Root Access” button from the app
  6. Wait while the app will check for root access within a few seconds
  7. At the end it will display a message “Congratulation This Device is root access” in green writing

Root Checker Pro

Why Root Checker?

Mostly of android users who are familiar with rooting, they will definitely know the name of this application. This program is aimed towards new customers who’d otherwise have difficulty figuring out where things went wrong if something goes wrong. Nevertheless, it may even be a bit of a time saver for people who know what they’re doing.

Bellow figure shows you its graphical representation of root check:

Root Checker APK Download


Well, it is trusted by millions of users around the world spread across a hundred and eighty nations. As much as accurate in assessing your Android device for appropriate root accessibility status.
Well reputable since the program is often updated with bug fixes and boost compatibility with the most recent Android devices.

Totally compatible with Android devices irrespective of the Android Operating System version and the device manufacturer. So we will recommend as check the status of the root which you have done. We are not focusing on the point that this is the only root checker ap in the market. But definitely, we could say its most popular app amongst all root checker as well its speed and interface point of view.

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