Pokemon Go Bots For Android 2018, 2019 – Free With Awesome features

Pokemon Go Bots

Pokemon go-bots is the first of it’s kind. You do not need a jailbreak, emulator or root to utilize the application, just a PC with the installed windows operation system of version 7 to Windows 10!. Together with the ban waves coming, we did not need to just launch another absolutely free Pokemon Go Bot which places the player’s accounts in danger. This bot combines the comprehensive auto works of a regular Pokemon Go bot with innovative Anti Ban technologies.

Pokécord is a bot bringing Pokémon into Discord and It allows users to catch pokémon that appear randomly within their own servers, train the battle with their friends or exchange them to finish their own collection. All you’ve got to do is add the bot for your own server!

Pokemon go-bots for Android is also available in the market and there is a variation of versions like Pokemon. Pokemon go bot 2019 and pokemon go 2018 are the most popular versions which are most playable by the different user around the globe.

Pokemon Go Bots

Compatibility and Developer of Pokemon Go Bots

The Pokemon GO Bot, often stylized as PGOBot, is one of the first well-running bots available not simply on Windows, but Linux and Mac too. It was created by Jasper Abbink, a program from the Netherlands. Since the bot started gaining momentum, many started to leap in and add to the bot. Now it’s one of the most well-known bots Pokemon Go has ever noticed.

How to Install, Configure and Run Pokemon Go Bots

Download Source:

Download the bot (.jar and source code available) and then place it in a folder.


Download”config.properties.template” out of GitHub too. Open your favorite text editor and include your credentials and latitude/longitude.

Execute the Bot:

After downloading and receiving your own credentials from the config file, cd in your folder, and execute the command’java -jar where the file located from download folder

Pokemon Go Bot Advantages:

  • Auto walk ( through classified paths or arbitrary walking around the stage you set on map )
  • Looting pokestops – Transferring pokemons ( You choose whats maximum CP to evolve. Bot will constantly keep the most powerful of a sort )
  • Evolving pokemons ( You choose minutes CP to evolve ) – Hatch eggs – 4 rate alternatives ( Slow, Medium, High, Super quick )
  • sterile potions and revives (to make room for poke balls)

Pokemon Go cheats – Possible cheat who want to play with its rules

Presently there aren’t any’maps’ that display the place and stats of Pokémon, and there’s been little to no progress in the hackers that had managed to reverse engineer the game API quite quickly.

Additionally, the in-game Pokémon tracker was enhanced and prioritizes Pokémon you have not yet captured and added into the Pokédex. It has made it much easier to capture regional Pokémon when you are traveling, therefore maps are not quite as crucial today.

Pokemon Go cheats

The tracker may nevertheless be enhanced, however, and it is still a problem for aquatic players particularly.

Pokemon Move Cheats

If you’re searching for a few Pokemon Move cheats, then you have come to the ideal place… sort of. We are not some type of Pokemon Move cheats black market trader, but we have got the details about which Pokemon Go cheats exist and everything they are doing, but take note that you just use them at your own risk. Cheats at Pokemon Move can get you banned really fast, but they’re also able to supply some sweet rewards and you will be the envy of your buddies. Just do not tell them you have used any Pokemon Move cheats, and that way you may see the telltale signals for when somebody else has used cheats.

Caution: we don’t suggest using some of those cheats since there’s a strong risk you’re going to be banned and it is unfair to the millions of players across the world.


Spoofing at Pokemon Move is creating the game believe you are in a different place to where you’re. Since Pokemon Move relies on your actual world position, it is possible to spoof your place to move wherever you need and capture rare Pokemon, even if they have spawned tens of thousands of miles off.

Pokemon Move cheats: Multi-accounting

This is not technically cheating since it doesn’t directly relate into the match, but Ni antic still prohibit it. Multi-accounting is as you would expect; getting multiple accounts on the move simultaneously. Some will use reports on various groups to clean health clubs before logging in their most important accounts and filling up the gym, though some are going to get the accounts of family and friends in precisely the exact same time to fill up brand new fitness centers. In any event, it is prohibited, however not quite as damaging as some additional cheats and whistles.

As you are not allowed to have several accounts on the head simultaneously, you can’t discuss your account with different people so that they can catch Pokemon in distinct places. It is difficult for Ni-antic to detect provided that you do not use the account concurrently and give it time before logging into when there’s a very long distance between the preceding individual. But be sure that you’re careful when doing this. Sometimes you’ve got a pal outside in another area and you want which Relicanth or even Corsola. If your using it via mobile then no Rooting or APK required for this.

This one’s like skipping the grab animation, but the procedure is rather different. Here is the way to save what might be the couple added moments you want to overcome a Raid Boss.

Await the Raid to Get Started. You are going to be kicked out instantly, so select your actual team (or utilize the recommended Party) and tap on the REJOIN button.

Pokémon Go Battles and How These Works

After a battle starts, the machine will probably be familiar to anybody who’s completed a knee Battle or Raid, but with a couple of twists. You tap to utilize your Quick Move, which fees your Charged Move(s). If you end up in a bad match up, switching can be obtained to recover the upper hand. Here Is What’s different:

Every Pokemon can have two Charged Moves – the moment is unlocked by paying Stardust and Chocolate
Dodging was supplied by the Protect Shield Attorney
every time a Charged Move has been initiated, the battle pauses for 3 seconds. Battle time limitation nevertheless counts down during that time
The attacking Pokemon can tap to”power up” the move
The defending Pokemon can choose whether to utilize a Protect Shield
The defending coach will not understand what Charged Move is used
After 3 seconds, the attacking Pokemon implements the charged move
A Protect Shield completely nullifies harm – but you just receive a limited quantity to use at the battle!

Pokémon Go Battles

PvP Basics Understandings

Here we are going to specially discuss the principles of PvP battles and PvP parties will write of three Pokémon when compared with both as noticed in Raids and Gym Battles.
You’ll have the ability to switch between those three Pokémon mid-battle. Though battles still are not turn based like the primary games, they operate slightly differently than Gyms and Raids. They continue to be in real time, in which you tap into inflicting harm with Quick Moves, but every Pokémon can now have around 2 Charge Moves, allowing for additional choices.

Also, Protect Shields let you shield against attacks. You may just use two of them for the whole battle. So choose your time sensibly – can you wait till you are against a stronger foe before using them. Set up them while you understand exactly what you are up against?
There are three leagues – Great League, Ultra League. Master League, each using a CP cap for your Pokémon which may be utilized inside them. The leagues imply it is not merely your very best Pokémon using the maximum CP which can get used – together. With the leagues allowing reduced CP monsters (often with exceptional moves) to glow, putting your entire set to the evaluation.

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