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Download OneClickRoot Software for Windows

Thank for visiting us and Downloading OneClickRoot for windows PC You’re just a few steps away from installing the latest exe file of OneClickRoot

Its good practice download PC version exe or zip file directly from your PC Windows. There is no issue if you are downloading it from your Mobile, but you will send EXE or Zip file into your Computer/PC and then you can install it.

When you download a Software application from computer windows, It will exist into the download folder and make sure you have downloaded correct file like zip or exe, not APK.

Just extract if Zip file downloaded and install it from your system and connect Android mobile or tablet with USB cable and proceed it accordingly.

Before getting started to make sure your device is connected well with PC other update latest USB driver and msg will be displayed you are connected.


Please click to here see the tutorial and features of one-click-root


This is virus free EXE or ZIP file download and you can use it without issue. But make sure you have little knowledge of Rooting an Android phone or device with PC.

Otherwise, see tutorial before getting started and mostly tutorial are available here on this website source.


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