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KingRoot Tutorial & Tips

Are you currently in search of Kingroot Tutorial a fast and effortless method with one click root Android utilizing KingRoot?  By rooting process your device you are able to access and alter the files, folders, and contents together with installing third-party apps that are obstructed by the default operating system.

You are able to set up Custom ROM’s in your device that can provide you a smoother and more efficient method to handle your device. You might even eliminate bloatware apps which come pre-installed on your device. With this Kingroot Official APK, you can automate the system.

Root Android with Simple Steps / Kingroot Tutorial

The process of rooting might consist of a few technical skills together with a basic understanding of your Android OS and its version. There are lots of processes and tutorials for rooting your device, including several actions and may be tedious for many users. See Kingroot Tutorial ahead

These measures may include to boot-up your device into recovery mode and additionally proceed using the rooting process by flashing zip files. For people who are not familiar with these choices, there are many apps which can ease your load and you’ll be able to root your device with one click.

Kingroot APKS come with as stand-alone app file which you can

Download from here

KingRoot is one of APK which can root your device and its related devices. In the following guide. In this kingroot tutorial, I’ll cover the process of rooting your device using KingRoot Apk onto your mobile device without using PC. The PC version supports only Chinese Languages and hence for improved understanding, we’ll stick to the phone edition. The process in the two approaches will be more or less the same.

IMPORTANT: Precautions before proceeding with the tutorial given below, it’s important to make sure you get a secure internet connection and have got a backup of your important data saved on your Android device since there’s obviously a danger of data loss with rooting. Additionally, make sure that your device has at least 65% plus percent battery power remaining to prevent any undesirable interruption throughout the rooting process and during restart.


  1. The process will void the warranty of your device. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.
  2. This process may brick or damage your device. We are not responsible for any such kind of damages or data loss incurred.

Kingroot App Tutorial

  1. Download KingRoot app out of here. The newest edition of KingRoot is 5.3.8
  2. Tap on the apk file and permit the setup.
  3. After installing the app, start the app and it’ll reveal the options “Try Root”‘, tap on it and then let the rooting process to continue. The rooting process begins in case your device is compatible.
  4. It takes some time to root your device based upon your device’s configuration. Older devices will require little more time to complete.
  5. Once the rooting process is completed you’ll find a message as root reluctantly’. That is it. You’ve rooted your device.
  6. To validate the root access, download Root Checker out of Play Store and execute the app. It’ll reveal about root access in your own device.

Video courtesy of Tech Android


  • Once you download the KingRoot for PC version, run the setup file.
  • The installation window displays Next(下一步) and Cancel(取消) buttons on the window. Click Next(下一步) button to start.
  •  The installation window now launches the Agreement window. Select I agree with this agreement(我同意此 协议) and click Next(下一步) button.
  • Now you can select the KingRoot installation location or choose default and click Next(下一步) button.
  • Once the installation is complete, click the Complete(完成) button to quit.


  1. Launch KingRoot already installed on your Windows PC.
  2. Connect the Android device to the PC with the help of USB cable. The KingRoot will automatically detect the device model and the version of the Android operating system running on it.
  3. If your device drivers are not installed on the PC, it may take some time to get detected. Make sure your PC has an internet connection to download and install the drivers in the background.
  4. Enable USB debugging mode on the device if not done previously.
  5. Once the device is detected, you can see a button with name “尝试 root“, which means, Attempt/Try Root. Click on that button to start the rooting process.
  6. As the rooting process initiates, the percentage of the process completed on the PC screen. Simultaneously, the Android device connected will auto reboot several times. Do not interrupt the process.
  7. Wait until you see Rooting complete success message with a big tick mark on PC. It says the device is successfully rooted.
  8. Once the Android device reboots successfully, you can verify the root access using the free Root Checker application from the Google Play store.

If rooting through PC is failed, go through the below error and fixes which may help you out.


SuperSU is set up onto your device but can not locate SuperSU app.

FIX 1: This may happen whenever your device is low on the memory card. Clear memory and repeat the rooting process using KingRoot and implement Super Sume Pro after rooting the device.

Superuser binary upgrades prompt. This message instantaneous not disappearing even after clicking ‘upgrade’.

Kingroot for PC Tutorial

Fix 2: Uninstall SuperSU and reboot the device. Repeat the rooting process again and operate Super Sume specialist. If you still receive exactly the identical issue it usually means there is not any secure version of SuperSU on your device. You have to repeat the rooting process again and adhere with KingRoot app itself.


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