Kingo ROOT Download tool official for PC Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1

Kingo ROOT Download tool official for PC Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1

Root Android with PC is quite simple and straight forward by using Kingo root application. Kingo ROOT Download for PC is a very popular android rooting tool/app which is also based on Windows OS and can almost work for all latest version of windows.

Kingo Root PC Download

Its work almost on every android phone and tablets. It has two main features, one you can root device with one click and secondly unroot your phone easily. It supports many Android device and models such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorolla, Sony etc.

You can easily Root the Android Device with Latest Kingoroot PC version. With latest and updated version, you may get various other features like kingo root recognizes major phone bugs and improves the performances. With this process, you’ll have access to all your device’s configuration options. KingoRoot is the application you need to be able to do so from a Windows computer after connecting with USB cable. It has the ability to un-root/remove root your Android cell. The most plus point main characteristics of kingo app exe are you can unroot your device with some easy steps. So no need to be a worry if you are not interested in root anymore.

Capabilities of Kingo ROOT Download for PC

Kingo Root is one click root app that opens access to android system files and has a list of capabilities:

  1. Deleting preinstalled system apps
  2. Cleaning your phone from junks and temporary files
  3. Controlling notifications and alternative android system events. Don’t worry regarding KingoRoot being not compatible with the gadget
  4. This root-app is definitely installed on every phone and four thousand firmware including pie version. Its development is feasible on such devices as Samsung, ZTE, Motorolla, LG, Sony, Lenovo, etc. there aren’t any issues even with Android previous versions and old model android phones.
  5. Long-lasting Battery life almost increased by 20%

Kingo root pc apk download

How to root android using Kingo root PC Version

  • When you will connect the phone with PC then you should select “USB Debugging Mode”
  • At the time of connecting via USB Cable window may as to fix SD card drive (in that case you should close all alert windows)
  • Download Kingoroot app from and tap install button.
  • It will take 5-10 minutes depends upon your connection speed of the internet. If windows displayed msg firewall not allowing this app, in this case, you should grand access or run it as administrator privileges.
  • After 0 – 100% process will complted – Root Succeeded
  • You can verify your root access by using root checker apk – We are having a blog post of root Checker and how to use it.
Kingo Root PC
Kingo Root APK Download


  • Unroot is pretty easy as compared to the root process. Just connect your phone with same cable and PC. Now it will show you two options i). Remove Root and ii). Root Again. Simply click on Remove root option and after 2-4 minutes it will rollback root
  • It is also easy to remove kingoroot app from your device. you should click on setting —> Apps, Find Kingoroot app, hold on it and select uninstall option after few second it will be done
  • Remove root kingoroot

Latest method to Unroot Device with Kingo ROOT Download for PC

Launch SuperUser by clicking its icon which is available on your phone dashboard

Update Latest version of Kingo SuperUser and tap on 3 dots on the upper right corner. There will be an option of “Remove Root”.

Click remove root option and select continue

After a little time, it will be done successfully and may your device will be reboot for a fresh setup.

Note: Due to some technical issue, may root file not permanently deleted. So, in that case, you can apply the first process of with Latest update of PC version Kingo root.

Important Notes Getting Started Kingo PC

There are some precautionary measures before getting started Android root, users ought to be totally responsive to the potential risks or any data loss during the process or after completion.

(i) Any data/information loss incurred for the failure of the previous backup.

(ii) Warranty void after root

(iii) Auto-update restrictions including OTA Android OS updates

(iv) the malfunctioning of certain applications caused by the changes of permission

(v) the misoperation and operation failure caused by the inability of android rooting.
Android ROOT doesn’t contain any malicious codes aimed toward undermining user data and accessing users’ personal data, or any function codes monitoring and tracking using a laptop, doesn’t monitor users’ online and offline behavior, collect any user info of different software package and documents, or disclose any private data from unauthorized users.

(vi) Brick device during the process

kingoroot pc Free


The PC version of Kingo root for windows has a 100% successful ratio because of supporting almost every version of Android OS and compatible with all almost android models. Unroot option is the main weapon of this popular app that really stands it out from globe 360.

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