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Its good practice download APK file directly from your Android device. There is no issue if you are downloading it from your PC, but you will send APK file into your mobile storage and then you tap to install from Device.

When you download an application from Google Play, Actually you are downloading and running an APK file from the background, however, you don’t have any access to this APK itself.

Because the APK installing the application into your device storage. It seems you are installing the APK from an unknown source and android itself give an alert before getting started.

If you are in any doubt you can scan this apk from any antivirus application like malware bytes etc.

It must completely vet all of APKs and also have a history of safety and dependability.

If it doesn’t start automatically, please click BELOW BUTTON to download the APK.


If you want to see how to install and use Root Checker APK then click here

This is virus free APK download it from your mobile device and can use it without any problem. But make sure you have little knowledge of Rooting an Android phone or device.
Otherwise, see tutorial before getting started and mostly tutorial are available here on this website source.



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